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Framework Agreement First Nations

3. A First Nation wishing to establish a land management regime must conclude, in accordance with the framework agreement, an individual agreement with the Minister: in which the country subject to the basic order is described and, for these > is first published on Policy Options and is re-established here under Creative Commons license. Individual agreement, an agreement with a First Nation in accordance with paragraph 6, paragraph 3. (specific agreement) CONSIDERING that, under Canadian law, Her Majesty and a certain group of First Nations concluded the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management on February 12, 1996 with respect to the management of their countries by these First Nations; Two of Canada`s most economically prosperous First Nations, Tsawwassen First Nation and Westbank First Nation, both joined FNLMA while negotiating with the government. Following the conclusion of the agreements, these nations adopted a more robust land management authority. To join the NMLF regime, a first nation first adopted a resolution expressing its interest. After federal approval, the First Nation signs the framework agreement and is included in the FNLMA calendar. During the development phase, the First Nation is working on the development of a land order and the negotiation of an individual funding agreement with Canada, both of which must be ratified by first nation membership. In addition, FNLMA has no effect, modification or extinguishment of Aboriginal rights or constitutional titles that have proven to be a stumbling block for focal claims, self-management agreements and the FNPOI. More generally, FNLMA reiterates the importance of having a strong place in promoting indigenous self-determination, but that this approach should not mean further neglecting incremental and sectoral options. The First Nation Land Management Grant will support First Nations who have chosen to oppose 33 sections of the Indian land management law and who have extensive laws and responsibilities for the management of their lands, environments and natural resources.